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1700 Indian Website Hacked & Mass Defaced by 3xp1r3 Cyber Army !!

Bangladeshi  Hacking Team "3xp1r3 Cyber Army" Hacked 1700 Indian websites by single click  on 24/04/2012 to Protest against BSF Brutality.
Their Defacement page, "This war 'll never end. It's will be continued until BSF (Indian Border Defense Force) stop killing Bangladeshi people on Bangladesh-India Border!"

The hacks were announced on April 24 on a Their official Facebook Group http://www.facebook.com/groups/3xp1r3/ and through a list posted to the programmer website Pastebin ( http://pastebin.com/M58j1E2F ) .

Facebook Launches Video Calling

Bring your conversations to life

Sometimes an emoticon just isn't enough. With face-to-face video calling, now you can watch your friends smile, wink and LOL.


Here is the full list of all windows xp shorcut keys and useful tips.

ALT + Tab = Switch between windows
ALT, Space, X = Maximize window
CTRL + Shift + Esc = Task Manager
Windows key + Break = System properties
Windows key + F = Search

Clear All Browsing Data in Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is a great browser with some of the best balance of features and speed available. Unfortunately Chrome also holds on to a lot of personal info. While it’s extremely helpful most of the time and really does speed up browsing time sometimes it’s important to clear out that data for safety or privacy reasons. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to clearing browser data on chrome for Windows and Mac.


Hotspot Shield protects your entire web surfing session; securing your connection at both your home Internet network & Public Internet networks (both wired and wireless). Hotspot Shield protects your identity by ensuring that all web transactions (shopping, filling out forms, downloads) are secured through HTTPS. Hotspot Shield also makes you private online making your identity invisible to third party websites and ISP’s. Unless you choose to sign into a certain site, you will be anonymous for your entire web session with Hotspot Shield. We love the web because of the freedom that it creates to explore, organize, and communicate. Hotspot Shield enables access to all information online, providing freedom to access all web content freely and securely. Secure your entire web session and ensure your privacy online; your passwords, credit card numbers, and all of your data is secured with Hotspot Shield. Standard antivirus software protects your computer, but not your web activities.
That's why AnchorFree is pleased to offer Hotspot Shield. Our application keeps your Internet connection secure, private, and anonymous.

Boost up Acrobat Reader (like Notpad)

Adobe Acrobat reader always consumes more memory when it starts. The reason
 behind is, it loads all the plugins, even the plugins that you do not use. This trick is
 to remove all the plugins from the plugins directory to elsewhere. 
Hence, whenever you open Acrobat reader it directly opens the files 
without loading any plugins and the speed is just like Notepad.

Reinstall Windows Not Losing Any Content

How To Reinstall Windows Without Losing Anything

You can use this method as often as you like when you need to repair something that had gotten corrupted and you don't want to do a clean install.

This is better than doing a windows repair install from the cd because doing that can cause changes to settings and even make it so you can't get updates anymore from microsoft update site because of the 'silent install' they did a year or so ago (unless you rereg some dll files).

1- Start WindowsXP
2- Go to the location of your source files
3- Run WINNT32 /unattend
For example, D:\I386\winnt32 /unattend ( copy & paste this command into the RUN box, then press ENTER ) Your computer will do the rest.

How to Lock your desktop

If you are leaving your computer for a while and do not wish to turn it off, 

but want to assure that no-one else can use the computer while you are 

away, locking the desktop is the best option.

Easy Find Serial Key & Cracks For Any Software Tricks

Today i am going to share with you how you can “Find Serial Key Cracks for almost Any Software by using some tricks,free software as shown below.Well there are many website  available around the world on which you can search your required crack,key.But most of these websites is not safe to use,Because in the place of real crack they gives programs which contains some kind of virus,Trojan,Malware.

Shutdown Computer with a Cell Phone

Using this method, a user can shutdown, restart, hibernate, etc. his or her computer, just by sending an email from his or her phone.

To do this, all you will need is Microsoft Outlook which should come with Microsoft Office, which most people have. This will need to be on the computer wish you wish to shutdown.

So, this is how you do this:

1. First, you need the batch files to perform the Shutdown, Hibernate etc. You can write them down yourselves or can download them from here.

To hide your folders without the usage of folder lock application

Lock folders without software

Suppose you want to lock the folder movies in D: which has path D:\Games .

Open notepad and type

ren Games Games.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}

Now Save this text file as "Location.bat" in the same drive [ D:\ ]

Now Open notepad again and type

Change the Logon Screen Background in Windows 7

How would you like to change the logon screen background in Windows 7 so as to give your Windows a customized look and feel? With a small tweak it is possible to customize the Windows 7 logon screen and set your own picture/wallpaper as the background. Changing logon screen background in Windows 7 is as simple as changing your desktop wallpaper. Well here is a step by step instruction to customize the logon screen background.
1. The image you need to set as the background should be a .jpg file and it’s size should not exceed 245KB.

Read Malayalam(or other complex script languages) on mobile using Opera Mini

Usually browsers for mobile phones support only English language(or languages which has font similar to English). I have tried to read online articles, tweets, news etc in Malayalam language on different mobile phones. Most of the times only squares will be visible due to no font available. Even if fonts are available, the rendering will not be proper.

After searching a lot I found a technique in which we can enable a feature in Opera Mini browser which is available even for low end mobile phones with java/J2ME/MIDP support. This will work for almost all language which has Unicode character maps available. eg:- Indian languages Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali etc.

Opera Mini - Yahoo Malayalam page before changing the setting

Create passport photos online

This is a simple steps for create your own passport sized photos free. go to this site

  •  Easy to use tool to create passport, visa and ID photos.
  • Use it free of charge.
  • Automatic face detection.
  • Multiple print sizes.
  • Simple picture mode to prepare photos for CVs, MSN or Skype.
  • Standards for 73 countries.
  • Manual crop.
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment.
  • Perfectly suitable for taking passport size photos of children (babies/infants).  

mediaplayer short cut

CTRL+1 Display media player in full mode
CTRL+2 Display media player in skin mode
ALT+1 Adjust zoom to 50 percent
ALT+2 Adjust zoom to 100 percent
ALT+3 Adjust zoom to 200 percent
ALT+ENTER Display the video in full mode
ALT+F Go to media player File Menu

How to Create keyboard shortcuts to open programs

You can create keyboard shortcuts to open programs. Before you get started, you need to create a shortcut for the program to which you want to assign a keyboard shortcut. To do this, open the folder that contains the program's executable file, right-click it, and then click Create Shortcut.