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Norton Internet Security 2013 full free download

  • Norton Internet Security, just like Norton AntiVirus, was engineered around the Intelligent Threat Protection concept: 

    • Its core technology, the Norton Protection System, uses multiple layers of security that work together to proactively block attacks and remove threats - something that traditional virus detection methods cannot achieve.
    • In addition, all downloads, files and applications are checked before you can use them on your computer.
    • Security holes in your operating system and browser are guarded so no infections can get to you that way.
    • Your emails and Instant Messages are always scanned to detect potential threats.

  • Norton Internet Security also has numerous security features not found with Norton AntiVirus:

    • A powerful 2-way firewall safeguards your computer against hackers at all times
    • An industry-leading anti-phishing technology prevents you from visiting fraudulent websites.
    • A new professional-strength antispam filter blocks unwanted emails. 
    • Norton Identify Safe fills in usernames, passwords and other form information automatically to prevent keylogger programs to steal your personal data. 
    • Norton Safe Web identifies unsafe websites in search results when you are looking for something in search engines.
    • Parental Controls allow you to see what you kids do online and prevent them from visiting unsafe     websites.

ESET Smart Security 6 Full free download

ESET Smart Security 6 is a NEW all-in-one
Internet Security solution with new Anti-theft features.

Secure your computer and your assets

How many personal photos, tax returns and private emails are stored on your computer? Our comprehensive Anti-theft features, accessed via the web, help you locate your misplaced laptop on a map using Wi-Fi®, block access to your files and turn on its webcam so you can identify the thief.

Location Tracking
· Lets you mark a device as missing via ESET Account Web interface
· Initiates automatic monitoring of activity
· Displays position on a map based on the Wi-Fi networks in range when it comes online
· Allows you to access the gathered information via ESET Anti-theft at my.eset.com
Laptop Activity Watch
· Allows you to watch thieves via built-in camera
· Collects snapshots of the missing laptop's screen
· Saves all recent photos and snapshots to your account at my.eset.com

Anti-theft Diagnostics
· Offers a simple setup process and configuration options
· Helps you increase the level of security by prompting you to modify key system settings
· Optimizes Anti-theft settings, makes it easy to configure Windows auto-login and account passwords
One-way Messaging
· Allows you to send a one-way message to your missing laptop to increase the chance of its retrieval


AVG Internet Security 2013 Full Free download

AVG Internet Security 2013

High-performance protection.

Complete peace of mind when shopping, banking or watching videos online.

Protection that actually speeds up your PC

Some security products slow down your PC; AVG Internet Security 2013 speeds it up, by accelerating the download of content-rich files. Faster system start-up and support for Flash and HD video means you can enjoy online video like YouTube faster than ever before.
AVG AcceleratorAVG Accelerator maximises your computer’s connectivity to deliver content faster. It accelerates the download of binary files and minimizes the hangs and delays while watching videos on YouTube. AVG Accelerator is enabled as a default setting when you switch on.AVG System ToolsAVG’s System Tools monitors your PC to allow you to turn off unneeded applications that auto-run at Windows start-up – plus the System Monitor option also provides information about which processes are running. Using this tool, you can make informed decisions about the trust level inside your computer and the safety of your files.Close

Block hackers and stop identity thieves

More than just Antivirus, AVG Internet Security protects you when shopping and banking, keeping your identity safe. The AVG Firewall prevents inbound and outbound attacks, while Identity Protection secures personal content you enter online.
AVG Enhanced FirewallThe AVG Enhanced Firewall protects you from malicious attacks by examining communications on each network port. When the Firewall recognizes an intrusion attempt it will immediately block it and keep your private information safe from inbound attacks, as well as outbound attacks where malicious software takes control of your computer and attempts to cause damage to other people.

The AVG Enhanced Firewall also includes smart intrusion detection capabilities to keep your home wired or wireless networks secure. AVG Identity Protection™AVG Identity Protection™ goes way beyond the typical identity theft protection software. Not only will we keep you safe from online threats - we’re also able to see when anything potentially bad might be happening on your PC, and stop it before it can do any damage.Close

Award winning Anti-Virus that just works

Antivirus protection that automatically updates to protect you from continually evolving threats. As hackers develop new techniques, AVG’s research labs are constantly processing web data to provide new defenses to keep you automatically protected.
Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-SpywareOur Anti-Virus technology protects you from falling victim to (or unwittingly spreading) a virus, worm, or Trojan horse. The first layer of protection is traditional anti-virus, which keeps known threats out of your system by matching them to a database.

AVG Anti-Spyware protects you from Spyware and Adware that can keep track of your personal information.

 AVG Resident Shield provides an additional layer of protection by examining files for threats as they are being copied opened or saved and prevents you opening infected files. AVG Protective Cloud TechnologyEmerging threats are identified “in the cloud” and prevented from infecting your computer via AVG’s automatic updates to your anti-virus software.AVG Community Protection NetworkInformation about the latest threats is collected from customers who choose to participate, enabling us to constantly identify new threats, supporting everyone in the AVG community and helping us to provide superior anti-virus protection.Close

Be informed and in control


Get faster, safer Internet access when you need it most. With proactive advice from AVG, the power to boost performance and enhance protection is in your hands.
AVG Do Not Track Brings the control over your privacy back to you. AVG Do Not Track helps you identify and block Ad Networks, Social Buttons, and Web Analytics that potentially track your activity. In addition, you can also choose to notify those websites about your preference not to be tracked. AVG Advisor Proactively monitors your computer for problems and suggests solutions for a better browsing experience. Receive notifications about bandwidth-eating applications and high memory usage so you can take appropriate action. AVG WiFi GuardAvoid the rogue WiFi access points hackers use to spy on you. AVG WiFi Guard alerts you if your PC attempts to access an unproven WiFi network – even if it has the same name as a network you know and trust. Close