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How to make money via share your links

Linkbucks is way of make money, using linkbucks with blog  or website anyone can make money from online. How can make money with linkbucks? There is two way to make money by linkbuks

Tips for Increase Website Traffic

For any online marketer, website traffic is the key to success. Your clientele size, hence your profitability will depend on the amount of traffic that flows into your website. Whether now or in the future, these ‘killer’ tips would help you increase website traffic!

Social Media Strategy

The major weapon of successful a successful blog is social media strategy. Once you create the right Social Media Strategy and implement it at the perfect times and appropriate places, you would definitely be ‘in the Winners’.
The following social media tips are the ideas from celebrated Social Media experts, you can also implement them to achieve social media success;
  • Keep posting engaging stuffs; such posts that people find irresistible to Comment and Like.
  • Participate in all well-known Social Media sites and link your blog to these sites.
  • Integrate social media sharing links to your main blog page and posts.
  • Share your post updates on Social Media Websites regularly.
  • In addition to sharing new posts, dedicate at least an hour every week to put your older posts in order and share them on Social Media spots.
  • Do your best to generate more audience on Social Media.
  • Using SEO tools such as browser extensions and others would also help you to gain amazing traffic to your blog.
Here are “Must to Post” Social Media Sharing sites;
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Google Plus
  • Technorati
  • Digg
  • Blog Engage
Devote at least 40 percent of your time to Social Media sharing as well as Social Media audience building. This will help you achieve increased website traffic in the shortest possible time. Don’t forget! Your blog would get more popular quickly as you use Social Media increasingly to build your website traffic.

Post High Quality Content Regularly

Also, the quality of your blog content will determine how fast you can increase your website traffic. A blog content that is prone to success should feature the following vital qualities;
  • Post Quality Content Always
  • Embark on regular content posting
Your presence will linger on the blogosphere continuously when you embark on regular posting, which would in turn reward you with quality search engine linking and increased PRs, while Quality Posting will guarantee loyal visitors. These visitors will always come again and again because they’ve found your post useful. These are the visitors that constitute needful assets for the success of your blog.

Do not Allow Alexa & Page Rank Distract Your Attention

Just like my beginner’s days, a lot of newbie bloggers spend a lot of time judging their Alexa and Google Page Rank. This does not augur well with a blogger.
Here are a few things to keep in mind;
  • It is not possible for any blog to generate Alexa Rank of 1000 nor a Page Rank of 6 within a month. Your focus should be on Quality content as well as Regularity of Content.
  • Simply stick to the basics. Avoid acting too smart. Take a sample from successful blogsand learn from their writing style and presentation methods. Polish your writing skills as much as possible.
  • Pay attention to Social Media integration since it is the most reliable secondary way toincrease website traffic.
It feels good seeing your blog scoring higher in Alexa Rankings, but your real need is Traffic and it comes mostly by sticking to the basics. When you achieve increased traffic, higher Alexa Ranking will follow automatically.

Get Active in the Blogosphere

This is very important since the Blogosphere is a great spot to increase website traffic. Become known in the blogosphere with the following tips;
  • Comment on blogs – pay more attention to the ones with CommentLuv enabled tool.
  • Retweet the tweets posted by some top ranking bloggers. Subsequently, they would most likely reply to your retweets.
  • Establish strong presence in all renowned social media websites.
  • Tweet wide range of valuable articles from varieties of blogs presented “through @BlogOwner” link.
  • Make effort to contact some of the renowned bloggers personally; this is a great way to learn from their experiences.
  • Guest post valuable articles.

Focus on Your Website Theme and Loading Time

Two great ways you can be sure of increased loyal visitors are blog design and loading time. Irresistible blog design presentation and faster loading time would help increase website traffic. Simple and easy-to-navigate design will attract more web visitors to your blog site.
Also, if your page takes only little time to load, visitors will keep coming to read your posts.
  • Integrate and Optimize Social Media Sharing Buttons
This will help you and your visitors to share your posts on Social Media spots. The most important factor is to place these buttons correctly and strategically. Consider putting such buttons at the end of each post. The reader will surely click to share the post if it is found useful. Another secret is to include an inspirational text just above the button – something like “If you found this article useful, share it with your friends…”
  • Creating Mailing Lists Help to Build Loyal Readers
Strong mailing list is closely associated with successful blog, it is a great way to increase website traffic. Someone who loves your post would want to get more updates. So, how do you get the person coming again and again? Simply integrate a user-friendly gadget for Email subscription. As your mailing list grows, your website traffic also grows!

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how to get imei number of lost android phone

Get imei number of your lost android phone follow these steps

Step1-Login to your gmail account on your pc

Step2-Goto this link https://www.google.com/settings/dashboard

Top 10 usefull wordpress plugins



1. WordPress SEO

If you’re a blogger you must be aware of the impact of SEO on your marketing plan. WordPress SEO is a free wordpress plugin that reminds you of the things you need to take care of to optimize your post for search engines. Be it a focus keyword, alt attributes to images, keyword density, keyword containing headers and a lot more, WordPress SEO takes care of it all.

2. W3 Total Cache

An important aspect of a website is it’s loading time. When I say important I mean for crawlers and humans alike. Who does not like a zippy loading website? When a new visitor turns up on your website; the loading time leaves a first impression on him. You would want that to be awesome, right? W3 Total Cache is a wordpress plugin that takes care of all the caching requirements of your website to ensure it loads fast as a horse for your visitors.

3. WP Smush.it

Almost every blogger uses images in the articles. If you’re not you better start it. Images grab the attention of readers, develop interest in reading and represent the essence of the article from a look. There’s a catch though. Images tend to be heavy to load and can become a prime reason for slow website loading. Even W3 Total Cache will not be of much help with this. So the solution is either you compress your images before you upload them or you start using WP Smush.it plugin.
WP Smush.it plugin is developed by Yahoo. It compresses images on your blog without loosing on quality. The end result is an excellent reader experience with a lightning fast website.

Top and Best WordPress Hosting 2013

It is too hard to find the a Web Host and say that it is perfect and cheap. Every Web Host has its own Pros and Cons. But here, we compared the Top Web Hosting Providers and ranked the best here which are much better for using WordPress. Our rankings factors are:
  • Web Space
  • Bandwidth
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Cost.
We have included the following big Companies from the Web Hosting Field:


Hostgator is well known and pretty old player of this game. They are the best web hosting providers in the World having served over 9,000,000 domains! and earned a great trust from their users. They have the best Award Winning Support team. Though, their support team is not made of WP Specialists. Hostgator has very fast servers, but as they made their Web Hosting Plans for all users in mind (not only WordPress) so they did not provides any special caching or optimizations for making WordPress Blogs Faster. They also offers a 45 days Money Back Guarantee.


Bluehost is the Best Reseller Hosting Provider. After Hostgator they are the Best Web Hosting Providers. They costs a little bit more than Hostgator. Bluehost have a great user base of 20,000 new customers per month. With their hosting plans, they are also offering $100 in Google Adwords Credits which you can use to Publicize your website or blog.Bluehost offers Anytime Money Back Guarantee to its Web Hosting Customers.

Top 3 Google Adsense Alternatives

 1. Chitika
Chitika which is preferably pronounced as CHIH-tih-ka is one of the best advertising network. Chitika entered into advertising firm on 2003.It is basically a search-targeted advertising network. Massachusetts based company had become a trusty channel between the advertisers and the publishers.If you have a good amount of US traffic then you can make good amount of money easily.
2. Infolinks
I cannot say Infolinks as an alternative because it can also be used along with Google Adsense. Infolinks is one among the best text advertising networks. You can add this advertising network using respective plugins available on their publisher page.In addition to text advertising they also provide many new features like Intag, Inframe. Minimum payout for Infolinks is only 50$ which is paid through paypal or wire transfer. I would recommend using this if you want to make some extra money other than your Adsense income.

Best 2 Antivirus for 2013

1.Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 

  • Bitdefender Autopilot.
  • Bitdefender Safepay.
  • Total Privacy Protection.
  • Full Computer Speed.
  • MyBitdefender dashboard.
  • Security Widget.
  • USB Immunizer.
  • Active Virus Control.
  • Rescue Mode.
  • Social Network Protection.
  • Search Advisor.
  • Personal Data Filter.