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How Create shortcut for Safely Remove Hardware

This tutorial will tell you how to create a desktop shortcut for safely removable hardware like pen drive. We use pen drive many times in our PC for transferring the data but if we eject or remove pen drive form PC without clicking safely remove hardware then there are many chance to corrupt the data or hardware.

Although, in Windows Safely Remove icon shows in Windows tray but if you want to create a shortcut on your desktop then follow these simple steps.

Google plus Keyboard shortcuts

Google Plus (Google + or G+) is growing up as your friends circle in social networking. So you require more time to spend in G+. Knowing Google + Keyboard shortcuts helps you to work fast in Google Plus.
google plus keyboard shortcut keys

Google Plus Keyboard Short cuts

How to hack Windows 7 password

 How to hack Windows 7 password when you forgot password? It is not so simple to hack than on Windows XP. If you ever forgot Windows 7 password, you may find that several fruitful Windows password hack replies employed for Windows XP doesn't work for Windows 7 due to its superior security characteristics and you may have to find a new reply for your disregarded Windows 7 password hack.
Need to recover Windows 7 password? Windows 7 password reset or recovery solution is quite easy if you pick up the right way. In case you may lose important data during your recovery, here we give a full detail of the solution. In this, we take the most used  laptop or computer for example.

The  laptop is widely used for its excellent quality. It gives customers all the power and performance to enjoy the computing life. Windows 7 system is the latest popular system, and it allows you create several accounts for each users. So it may raise a risk to forget the password.

Hack Windows xp Login Password

Hack Admin Password From User Mode

Follow these steps:
1. Open command prompt


2. Enter the following command, then press ENTER
3. Enter the following command, then press ENTER:
This should open the computer management console.

How To Trace Facebook User

This is a simple methods to trace Facebook user

Read the below steps carefully

open start -> select run -> type “CMD”    (With out   "   "   )

  • Now chat with your friend
  • and in CMD write “NETSTAT
  • and it will show all the IP address connected with your IP address.

Send Password Protected Email via Lockbin

Follow the below steps for do this.

  • Click here to go LockBin online service.
  • Fill the form with your desired password.
  • In the text filled write your message. You can also attach a file if you want.

Gsm Mobile Secrets Tips

Type *#61# and press call – Check call redirection status.
Cancel all redirection: ##002#  .

*43# to activate call waiting, to deactivate #43#
If your phone doesn’t have incoming call barring and outgoing call barring, you can try this. For outgoing call barring dial *33*barcode*# and pres OK. To deactivate it dial #33#barcode*#

Top 10 Best Android Cell Phones in 2011

10. Google Nexus one:

 Though Nexus One was released a long time ago but still it makes his way to the top ten android based smartphones. It runs Android 2.1(éclair) and what makes it best is its extended features and unique designed and of course users acceptance.

Use Mobile Camera As WebCam

Many of my friends don't have webcam and they want to chat with Facebook video calling and hangout with friends on Google + and Skype. If you want to use your Mobile camera as a webcam but phone should be s60 Nokia Cell Phone with Camera and use your phone camera as web camera and have video calling and get hangout with your friends.  Just Download SmartCam

Play Games on GOOGLE+

Games on  GOOGLE+

Recently Google+ has launched and have launched games on google+ to attract people and games lovers .Most of the people play games and Chat To have entertainment .As now a day a silent war between Facebook v/s Google+ top social networking site.Enjoy gaming  on Google+
To compute with Facebook Google has to announced games on Google+ .Games are important part of social networking site. 

Remove Virus Which Makes "Do Not Show Hidden Folders"

Friends this problem was faced by me also most of the user who use windows XP will be facing this type of error such as when you click on "Show Hidden Folders" it would not be applied . When u change to "Do Not Show Hidden Folders" to "Show Hidden Folders" is Again turns into "Do Not Show" If this is your problem then follow the steps and your problem will be solved.

Schedule your Facebook status

Friends if you want to wish your friends on his birthday at exact 12:00am then schedule your timing using simple Facebook app called Postcron .
This app will automatically post your comment or status or any photo etc at given schedule .
This app is free and simple to use this will save your time and no need to wait to wish someone at exact time.
How to use Postcron
Step1:- Login your facebook account using your postcron.
Step2:- Post your Status or comment on provided box and set schedule as you want and share your status. 

Your status will be automatically get updated on your schedule time.
Enjoy and please share it if you like.

How to speedup your Mozilla Firefox

Want to speed up your Mozilla Firefox you may be using mobile internet which is very slow so you have to do some settings to your Mozilla Firefox which you will be learning now.If you are using broadband connection there is no need to do setting because broadband has good speed if you had made this setting this will not effect .If Your broadband connection is slow then definitely you should do to increase your browsing speed.

How to speedup your  Mozilla Firefox

Enable pendrive when ports are disable in collage

Best Trick to use pen drive when it is disable. In many colleges Pen drives are not allowed to use and they make port disable Specially in our college pen drives are not allowed to use.

How to Hack Into a Windows XP Computer Without Changing Password

1. Get physical access to the machine. Remember that it must have a CD or DVD drive.
2. Download DreamPackPL HERE.
3. Unzip the downloaded dpl.zip and you’ll get dpl.ISO.
4. Use any burning program that can burn ISO images.
5. After you have the disk, boot from the CD or DVD drive. You will see Windows 2000
Setup and it will load some files.

Ip Address and Email Hack

Games on  GOOGLE+

Recently Google+ has launched and have launched games on google+ to attract people and games lovers .Most of the people play games and Chat To have entertainment .As now a day a silent war between Facebook v/s Google+ top social networking site.Enjoy gaming  on Google+
To compute with Facebook Google has to announced games on Google+ .Games are important part of social networking site. 

Create a Shutdown Shortcut on Desktop

Shutting Down PC is quite a painful task sometimes. By this Sensational trick you can create a shutdown button on your Desktop and Shut Down your PC without much pain. Shutdown button on your desktop allows you to either restart or shut down your computer from a command prompt..

Here's the Trick

Stop Slow Streaming Video

Slow streaming video can but a damper on your internet video viewing experience. If you are using service like youtube.com or Veoh.com. You are more than likely are streaming videos using a DSL connection. Most videos should load and play simultaneously using the streaming video technology. However, your PC may be inhibiting you from taking full advantage of this technology. This page will give you useful tips to troubleshoot your slow streaming video problems. However, lets begin with the basics to get you started.

Video Buffering Problems in Youtube

For the most part, slow video buffering problems can be fixed with just a simple steps. Rarely are these problems are hardware related. So these problems can easily solved. The first step is to understand what video buffering is, how and when to use tweaks to speed up video buffering.
What is buffering
When you actively stream a video, it is being downloaded and played at the same time. This requires a significant amount of resources to play smoothly. The more detailed the video the more resources you will need. This page will help you free up more resources to play the video. Buffering is your computer downloading the video faster than it plays. If it cant downloaded the and played the video at the same time, it will stop and create a buffer between the play time and download time.

How to Increase Virtual Memory?

You can easily increase virtual memory by following the steps below. Your virtual memory is important but before you alter your settings it's best to find out more about virtual memory.

What is Virtual Memory?

Virtual memory is simulated RAM. When you have used up all your RAM, your computer will shift data to an empty space on the hard drive. The computer swaps data to the hard disk and back to your RAM as needed. When you increase your virtual memory you are increasing the empty space that is reserved for your RAM overflow.

How to Block a Website

There are many reason why you need to know how to block a website. Some of the most common reasons are you have been targeted by spammers who use adware and popups to attack your PC. Other reasons may be to prevent your children from having access to certain site content such as porn and gambling.

Depending on the level of security you wish, learning how to block a website may require a adjustments of your web browser, the use of internet filtering software or editing of your host file. At any rate you can try all methods to see which works best for you.

Free Download Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 & 90 Days License Key

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 Free 90 Days License Key 
Download Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 and get Free 90 Days License Key from kaspersky promo page. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 normally costs $29.95 to purchase a license for 1 year subscription for 1 mobile phone according to listed price, and is available for all smartphones with Symbian, Android, Windows Phones, and Blackberry. Now as part of the giveaway promotion( limited time only), you can get a free 90 Days activation code for kaspersky mobile security 9.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 features anti-malware, firewall, anti-theft, data encryption, parental control, privacy protection, and Call & SMS Filte for Symbian and Windows Mobile devices, while its Android version omits encryption and parental control, and the BlackBerry version’s protection is limited to antitheft and call/SMS filtering.

Powerful C++ Virus

Warning: Do not try this on your home computer.

This is a powerful C++ virus, which deletes Hal.dll, something that is required for startup. After deleting that, it shuts down, never to start again.