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How to Use Pen Drive as RAM

Some high precess work our PC going slow (ie playing High Graphics game ,Playing HD videos).Its depends on RAM space.
Its depends on RAM space.But you can use your pen drive as a RAM.
Convert your Pen Drive in as your PC RAM and increase your PC speed.Its very easy and Speed Up your PC while you playing High Graphics Games.Its not damage your PC, no need of software for doing this you just have to do some little settings as follows.
Follow this steps. 

1) Connect your pen drive to your PC pen drive should be at least 1 GB or if you having 4 GB then its   better.
2) Allow PC what he is supposed to do,let system to detect pen drive.
3) After your PC finished with its detection work,you have to do some little
4) Right click on the My Computer and select the properties
5) Go to advanced and then performance setting then advanced then
6) Select pen drive and click on custom size ” Check the value of space available
7) Enter the same in the Initial and the Max columns ” You just used the memory of the PenDrive as a Virtual Memory
  Now restart your pc and enjoy your fast and super system
In Windows7

Plug in your pendrive-> Format with NTFS or FAT32
Now go to properties->Select ReadyBoost
Check Use this device->Choose maximum space to reserve system speed
Click on Apply and OK. Your readyboost PenDrive is ready Now to Use.

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