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Torrent Leeching Sites 2013

We all now that zbigz is the best torrent caching client. But on the free version you get  very slow Speed and there are many limits and for getting full advantages of it user’s Need to buy premium Account. Earlier we used premium cookies to hack zbigz but it is now blocked by zbigz. So we are sharing some alternatives of zbigz by which you can download torrents at high speed.

Collection of Torrent Leeching sites

  • PutDrive.com
  • Furk.net
  • Boxopus.com
  • Quick-torrent.com
  • Torrenthandler.com
  • Put.io
  • Filestream.me
  • TorrentLeech.Org
  • BitLet.Org 
  • MondialUpload.net
  • PutShare.com 
  • ZZLBox.com 
  • Torrent2exe.com
Well these are some websites alternative to zbigz or each other. I cannot say which is best, but currently I'm satisfied with Filestream.me. It works fine for me. You can check all sites and decide which is better according to your need.

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