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Top 10 usefull wordpress plugins



1. WordPress SEO

If you’re a blogger you must be aware of the impact of SEO on your marketing plan. WordPress SEO is a free wordpress plugin that reminds you of the things you need to take care of to optimize your post for search engines. Be it a focus keyword, alt attributes to images, keyword density, keyword containing headers and a lot more, WordPress SEO takes care of it all.

2. W3 Total Cache

An important aspect of a website is it’s loading time. When I say important I mean for crawlers and humans alike. Who does not like a zippy loading website? When a new visitor turns up on your website; the loading time leaves a first impression on him. You would want that to be awesome, right? W3 Total Cache is a wordpress plugin that takes care of all the caching requirements of your website to ensure it loads fast as a horse for your visitors.

3. WP Smush.it

Almost every blogger uses images in the articles. If you’re not you better start it. Images grab the attention of readers, develop interest in reading and represent the essence of the article from a look. There’s a catch though. Images tend to be heavy to load and can become a prime reason for slow website loading. Even W3 Total Cache will not be of much help with this. So the solution is either you compress your images before you upload them or you start using WP Smush.it plugin.
WP Smush.it plugin is developed by Yahoo. It compresses images on your blog without loosing on quality. The end result is an excellent reader experience with a lightning fast website.

4. BackWPup

Do you take backups of your website regularly? Is it way too boring to do it  manually every day? I bet it is. BackWPup is a wordpress plugin that not only takes the backup for your website, but also can send the same to your dropbox or email. Set the date and time when you want your backup taken and it will do the rest for you. No more wasting time on backups, instead use it to create compelling content for your readers.

5. Better WP Security

Security of your website is of prime importance for every blogger. If all of your hard- work is destroyed by some mischievous hacker it feels like hell doesn’t it? Well, Better WP security plugin guides you with the precautions you need to take for avoiding such a calamity. It is simple to use and a one time setup will give you peace for a lifetime.

6. Related Posts

Seen those ‘Related posts’ or ‘You might also like’ thumbnails on different websites? Well they do have a knack for increasing user engagement. Out of the plenty wordpress plugins available the Related Posts plugin by Zemanta is simple and zippy to use.

7. Flare

Wish to place neat and fluid social sharing buttons on your blog? Flare will serve your purpose just right. You can customize where to place your social media sharing buttons, what type of buttons you need, sticky bar if needed etc. Apart from that it displays a total count of shares (Flares as they call it) besides the buttons. They even track the share activity on your buttons.

8. Pretty Links

Heard of bit.ly, goo.gl or tinyurl? What these services do is they convert long url’s to shorter ones. The same job can be accomplished using pretty links free wordpress plugin. This plugin converts any link to the format “yourdomainname.com/????” where “????” can be any text you wish. Another advantage of such conversion is when you use affiliate links. Not only does this hide your affiliate link, it even encourages users to click the link. Again it preserves the pagerank juice within your website.

9. Simple Ads Manager

If you are into blogging sincerely you will reach a point when you wish to earn money by displaying banner ads on your website. This is when you will need a wordpress plugin called Simple Ads Manager. Its very easy to create and manage banners and banner groups using this plugin. You can select the location of the banners using simple drag and drop of widgets. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

10. WP Touch

Last but not the least, WP Touch is a wordpress plugin helps you create an elegant mobile version of your website. A light, neat and professional mobile website is a 2 minutes job with WP touch plugin.

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