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BSNL 3G Hack! Browse Internet at 120 Kbps For Free

Today I am going to show how to hack BSNL 3G hack and browse unlimited internet at high speed up to 120 Kbps. I am not sure whether this hacking is still working or not, members from other forums are posting that this hack is working fine for them.

Before you start learning how to hack you need to have BSNL 2G SIM and ultimately 3G support mobile phone.

Just follow up the instruction:

  1. Recharge your 2G SIM with Rs 1 to convert it to 3G SIM and use them for free hours
  2. Check the balance by dialing *123#, the message will show that your GPRS free usage is ZERO MB
  3. Now recharge again with Rs 1 to convert in to 2G SIM
  4. Now recharge with Rs 274 for unlimited GPRS usage for 2G SIM 
  5. Now again recharge with Rs 1 to convert in to 3G SIM 
  6. Thats it You have hacked your BSNL 3G for unlimited browsing check the GPRS free usage by dialing *123# it will show 1250000 MB free usage.
 Hope it will work for you! Try it and share you thought with us!

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