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Create a Shutdown Shortcut on Desktop

Shutting Down PC is quite a painful task sometimes. By this Sensational trick you can create a shutdown button on your Desktop and Shut Down your PC without much pain. Shutdown button on your desktop allows you to either restart or shut down your computer from a command prompt..

Here's the Trick
 Right click on the Desktop.
Left click on New  Shortcut.

After that, a wizard will appear. In the Type the location of the item: Textbox enter the following code
%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe -s

 In the Type a name for this shortcut: Textbox enter
Shutdown My Computer (or some other name of your choice)

Click the Finish button .
You are done. Whenever you wish to shutdown you PC, double click on the shortcut you just created. 
After that  Right click that icon->property->Change icon ->(select one icon)->Apply->ok

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