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How to increase internet speed

* First trick

Here’s a simple 3 minute tweak (XP Pro only) that will increase your broadband speed.
By default (even with QoS disabled) Windows XP reserves up to 20 percent of your connections bandwidth.
To override this reserve take the following steps.
Make sure you Log on as Administrator, not as a user with Administrator privileges.

* Start > Run > type gpedit.msc
* You will see [Local Computer Policy]
* Expand the [Administrative Templates] branch
* Expand the [Network] branch
* Highlight [QoS Packet Scheduler]
* Double-click [Limit Reservable Bandwidth]
* Check [Enabled]
* Change [Bandwidth limit %] to 0 %
* Click [Apply] [OK]
* Restart
Effect is immediate.

*Second Tricks

Part 1 - Modify LAN Properties
Go to Start > Network Connections.
Right Click > Properties on your main internet connection.
Make the following changes: Unselect everything except "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)"

*Third trick

With WinXP Service Pack 2, Microsoft limited TCP connections to 10. Running the Lvllords patch will add more TCP connections and increase your speed.
Extract the patch and run it (see example):

Change the limit - Press "C" and set it to 100.

Press "Y". You’ll then be presented with with a Windows XP message saying that your original files are being replaced. Click "Ignore" or "Cancel" for that window, and choose "Yes" when asked for confirmation
If the Lvllords patch was successfully executed, you’ll get a ‘SUCCESS’ message.
Exit and reboot your computer.

* Forth Trick

host name resolution priority
Windows 2k/XP
First, open the Windows Registry using Regedit, and (after backing up) navigate to:
Note the following lines (all hex dwords):
Class = 008 (8) – indicates that TCP/IP is a name service provider, don’t change.
LocalPriority = 1f3 (499) – local names cache
HostsPriority = 1f4 (500) – the HOSTS file
DnsPriority = 7d0 (2000) – DNS
NetbtPriority = 7d1 (2001) – NetBT name-resolution, including WINS
What we’re aiming to do is increase the priority of the last 4 settings, while keeping their order. The valid range is from -32768 to +32767 and lower numbers mean higher priority compared to other services. What we’re aiming at is lower numbers without going to extremes, something like what’s shown below should work well:
Change the “Priority” lines to:
LocalPriority = 005 (5) – local names cache
HostsPriority = 006 (6) – the HOSTS file
DnsPriority = 007 (7) – DNS
NetbtPriority = 008 (8) – NetBT name-resolution, including WINS

==>Fifth trick

SG TCP Optimizer - using it!

Back already? Cool! So, this is where you use SpeedGuide's TCP Optimizer. How? Its your lucky day, my friend.

a) This program modifies your system registry (Nothing to worry about!) in order to boost your Internet speed. Here's what you have to do:

Please click the above image to enlarge* (Popup blocker must be disabled)
b) Choose your connection speed - mine is 256 kbps. Go down and select "Optimal Settings". Click on Apply changes after that. You'll be promoted with a box somewhat like this after that:

Please click the above image to enlarge* (Popup blocker must be disabled)
c) Click OK, and click "Yes" to reboot your computer. Thats all you need to have a full-on High Speed Internet Connection! Enjoy browsing, and don't forget to check out other tweaks & tricks present on this site

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