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Ideas For Monitoring Advertising Campaigns

The classic question “Where did you find about us?” is not accurate and is too demanding (you or your employee to ask and the new customer / clients to remember and answer you). But you will need to know where your leads and new clients or customers come to your business.
The online campaigns is known that are easy to be monitored and each advertising platform offers you solution to monitor your campaign. But what about offline campaigns such television or radio advertising or advertising on magazine or brochures? The following ideas can be used with any kind of advertising media.
A simple and effective way of monitoring the effects of your campaign is to measure the action taken by your advert audience, action strictly dedicated to this campaign such as:
  • call a phone number dedicated specifically to that campaign or
  • even call a certain person which deals only with sales through that campaign
  • visit a webpage designed specifically to that campaign with no other links within your website

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