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Make money online by posting links

AdF.ly is url shortner service which also provides webmasters option to make money from shortened URL.All you have to do is paste this URL everywhere you will paste your real URL.The visitor clicking these URL will advertisement powered by AdF.ly and then will have option to navigate your website.
Follow below steps to start creating money by posting links
  • Sign up with AdF.ly
  • Sign up process is very easy.
  • After sign up you should start creating the links.You can use any URL on internet to create link for your use.For example you can copy URL of this post and then paste on the box on AdF.ly to create a link.
  • After pasting the link click on the button Shrink.
  • A new URL will be displayed.Copy the URL.
  • This is the URL you will have to use for making money.You need to paste this URL everywhere you can.Now how will you make money with pasting URL.
  • If people click on URL pasted by you then they will be shown an ad.After ad they will be directed to the URL used to create the link (in this case this page of my site).
  • For every view you will earn money.
  • Please do not keep clicking on the link and view the site again and again yourself.Now your question will be where to paste the links.
Where to post the links?
Before writing post about anything I have a habit of testing it myself.So I signed up for them.After writing a post I shortened the URL of the post using AdF.ly.Below is the list of social networking website tried by me and the result of it
  • Facebook
  • StumbleUpon
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Email
How much you can earn?
The minimum payout is $5.You will need to earn this amount of money before getting paid.Since the limit is lower so it would be tough to achieve the target.The payout rate is $4 (approx) for 1000 visits from USA.You can also see the payout rate details for different countries on their website.

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