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This Resume Alternative Could Land You Your Dream Job

The unemployment rate in the U.S. has been steadily declining since a high of 10% in 2009, but it still hasn't reached the lows seen in the early years of the millennium. At 7% as of November, things are certainly getting better, but they are slow coming.

With a high unemployment rate, you're doing well just to have a job. But how can you land a good, or better yet, your ideal one? According to Joanna Weidenmiller, cofounder of 1-Page, a job proposal platform, the answer is simple: go on the offense.

Instead of sending in a resume in response to a job description, Weidenmiller's platform allows you access to research relevant to companies looking to hire. The goal for the job seeker is to find a market problem and come up with a solution that will give the company a competitive edge.

"A resume begs a company to find a problem," says Weidenmiller. "A company can say, 'Oh you didn't do that!' Instead, a proposal says this is what I can do for you and if you say no, that's great. I'll go to your competition because I'm the one with the goods. I'm the one that has the ability that you need."

The idea, based on a New York Times best seller written by Weidenmiller's cofounder Pat Riley, is to put the ball back in the job seeker's court. To do so, Weidenmiller and Riley had to do their research.

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